Sunshine and Sausages

Sunshine and Sausages, by Elizabeth Ducie: Book CoverRunning a successful summer party needs preparation, experience and practice.  We have been organising garden parties for our friends and family for more than thirty years. During that time, we’ve learned from our mistakes, captured experiences and, hopefully, improved each time.

If you are planning to hold a garden party, whether for a few friends or half the neighbourhood, this little book gives you some ideas and helps you relax and enjoy the experience.

Featuring tips on: Guests: How Many Are Enough?; Food: What Should We Serve?; Drinks: It’s Not About Getting Sloshed; Tableware: What Do We Need?; Furniture: Where Will Everyone Sit?; Music: To Play or Not To Play?; Those Little Extras: Making It Special; On The Day: The Party of the Year; Relax and Enjoy: It’s Your Party; Countdown to the Day

It’s your party; you are allowed to have a good time too!

Sunshine and Sausages is available as a signed paperback directly from Chudleigh Phoenix Publications. Contact Elizabeth via 01626 854611 or It is also available as an ebook from Amazon.


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