Parcels in the Rain and Other Writing

Parcels in the Rain, Anthology by Elizabeth Ducie: Book CoverWho is the mysterious stranger who carries parcels in the rain? Why does Joey want so badly to win the story competition? Has Archie Walker met his match in the Suited Man? And is Jasmine right in her belief that it’s possible to breathe under water?
Elizabeth Ducie’s latest collection contains short stories and flash fiction drafted over a seven year period since she rediscovered creative writing in 2006.
However, the 31 pieces also include writing about two important parts of her life: her childhood and her travels as an adult.
What was Christmas Eve like in the 1970s? How did the family celebrate Verdi at teatime? Why was it so difficult to leave Ukraine? And what do you do when someone is screaming “it’s alright, I’m with British Airways” in your ear while you are lying on a stretcher and quite clearly NOT alright? 
All these questions and more are answered in this fascinating and eclectic collection. Parcels in the Rain is available as an ebook from Amazon. Alternatively, it may be obtained as a signed paperback direct from Chudleigh Phoenix Publications. Contact 01626854611 or

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