COUNTERFEIT_FRONT_150dpiFake medicine kills. No-one is safe.

Regulator Suzanne Jones’ mission to stop counterfeiting in Africa becomes personal when a colleague buys a bottle of fake cough syrup with tragic consequences. But her investigations bring danger ever closer. In Uganda a factory burns; Suzanne’s friend goes missing; and in Swaziland and Zambia, children die. 

Who is supplying the fake drugs? What is the Eastern European connection? Can Suzanne stop the counterfeiters before more people die?

Counterfeit! is available as an ebook or paperback from Amazon. The ebook is currently being published on a wide range of other platforms: click here for links to:   24symbols; ibooks; Nook; Kobo; Page Foundry; Scribd; and Tolino. Or click here to reach Smashwords. To obtain a signed copy directly from Chudleigh Phoenix Publications, contact Elizabeth Ducie on 01626 854611 or

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